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American Changer
   Bill Breakers
   Platinum Series
   Rear Load Changers
   Front Load Changers
   Pay Stations
   Ticket Dispensers
   Bill Counters
   CC-301 Coin Counter
   CC-302 Coin Counter
   Bases and Headers
   Logic Boards
   AC300 Dispenser Parts
   Hopper Extensions
   Lexan Fronts

   Front Load Changers
   Rear Load Changers
   Bases and Pedestals
   Car Wash & Autocashier
   Face Panel & Locks
   Hamilton Decals
   Code Systems
   XE Validator
   Hamilton Hoppers
   HSH Hopper Parts Layout

   Rowe Bill Breakers
   BC Series Bill Changers
   Century Series Bill Changers

   Modular Front Load
   Modular Rear Load
   Premier Front Load
   Premier Rear Load
   BX / BCX Front Load Series
   BX /BCX Rear Load Series

   Ardac Validator Parts
   Asahi Seiko Parts
   Cleaning Cards
   Coinco Validators
   Coinco Validator Parts
   Digital Scales
   Mars Validators
   Mars Validator Parts
   MK IV Universal Hoppers
   Money Control Parts
   Validator Labels

American Changer
Money controls

      Phone Card Vendor      

   AC501 Phone Card Machine
   AC502 Phone Card Machine
   AC503 Phone Card Machine
   AC504 Phone Card Machine

      Operation Manuals      

   American Changer
   Rowe International

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Counterfeit Money Could Be Robbing You Blind!
What are the 3 ways to tell if your bill is counterfeit? Click here to find out..

Save Time… Money… and your Sanity!

“This is the last thing I need”

If you’re anything like the business owners I work closely with that’s exactly how you feel when your change machine goes down.

Your machine is the lifeblood of your business. Everyday it faithfully does its job.

But when it goes down it can be a nightmare.

It’s a hassle to get a repairman out (sometimes taking weeks) – if they come at all – or order a part from the manufacturer. Either way you’re stuck on the phone for an hour… and losing business!

No more headaches!

Employees, inventory, payroll, taxes, marketing… the last thing you need is downtime.

Changemaker decreases downtime. So when it comes to your change machine let us do the worrying.

At Changemaker, we provide unparalleled service, from our knowledgeable sales staff to our factory-trained technicians. Keeping your business running is our #1 priority. You’ll get the service and attention that you deserve.

We specialize in change machine, bill counter, coin counter, bill breaker, pay station, kiosk, auto cashier, ticket dispenser, bill changers, coin changers, bill dispensers, currency acceptors, card dispensers, printers, coin dispensers, logic boards, bill readers and multi changer sales and service for the amusement, car wash, golfing, laundry, parking, phone card, and vending industries.

Pay less and get it faster with one phone call!

Changemaker won’t redirect you to another number. You won’t speak to a computer… or have to press # to hear the menu. You’ll speak to a live technician – every time. And you’ll get the best price you’ll find anywhere (cheaper than you think!)

We can help you faster, cheaper, and with more reliability than anyone else can.

And we can do it all.

We have a large selection of products from all major manufacturers, such as American Changer, Hamilton Manufacturing, Standard Change-Makers, Rowe International, Asahi Seiko, Cashcode, Coinco, Fujitsu, GBA (Astrosystems), Jcm, mei (Mars), and Money Control. Simply call or email our sales representatives who can help direct you towards the most appropriate choices for your business’ needs.

So if you experience problems with your equipment, or you need to order parts, we are here to help. Whether you purchased your machine from Changemaker or somewhere else, you will receive the same superior quality customer service. Contact our repair department for a free, no obligation troubleshooting of your equipment.

Pyramid Technologies Products:
Pyramid Technologies Products

Call us today for free troubleshooting and estimate of repair costs for your equipment. We offer the best quality and prices available in the market

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7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Change Machine…

And why NOT knowing could cost you thousands!

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Cleaning Card
Dollar Bill Reader Cleaning Card: Notice how much dirt is removed from this validator, and it’s only been 2 weeks since its last cleaning! Click here to find out more about these amazing cleaning cards!

We are so sure that you’ll love this cleaning card as much as we do that we’re offering you a money-back guarantee.

Smart_Card Smart Card Cleaning Cards Smart Card Reader Cleaning Cards are uniquely designed to clean Smart Card and Chip Card Readers. Their length and bowtie Smart Card Cleaning Cards design allow the card to slide side-to-side to effectively clean your equipment’s chip reader and magnetic reader heads.
Click here to find out more.

Magnetic Heads Cleaning Card Magnetic Card Reader Cleaning Cards are designed to safely remove all forms of dust, lint and other Magnetic Heads Cleaning Card contaminants that build up on magnetic and optic reader heads.
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Should businesses continue to use counterfeit detection pens?

The so-called "counterfeit detection pens" are not always reliable for detecting counterfeit notes because they only detect natural fibers or starch in the paper. If a counterfeiter uses paper with natural fibers or has bleached an authentic note and used that paper to overprint a higher face value on it, the pens will offer no protection.

Prevent your Hamilton Changer from Overpaying!

Avoid Hamilton XE & STA Bill Acceptor validation errors, critical information from Hamilton. Is your machine paying out $20 for a $5?
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The number one stop for all of your change machine needs!

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