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PTI Bill Acceptor Product Ordering Information

Part Number Sequence

Series     Model     Type     Cashbox     P.S./Comm.    Country
XLC-        520X       X            X                X                XXX    
APEX-      5X0X       X            X                X                XXX

Explanation of Part Numbers Components

Series: XLC – Low Cost $1-5 Only
APEX – 5000 Series Bill Acceptor Line

Model: 520X Foreign 2 Note Acceptor
540X $1-20 and Low Denomination Foreign Currency
560X $1-100 and High Denomination Foreign with Mag Head

Bezels: 5X00 #0 - Standard Bezel
5X01 #1 - “Coinco” Style Bezel
5X02 #2 - “VFM” Style Bezel
5X03 #3 - Car Wash Bezel

(All bezels can be installed in XLC and APEX 5000 Series acceptors with either up or downstacker as well as stackerless. However, currency width is limited to 65mm on #1, #2 and #3 bezels)

Type: S - Stackerless
U- Upstacker
D- Downstacker

Cashbox: N – None (Stackerless)
2 – 200 Note Cassette
5 – 500 Note Cassette
1 – 1000 Note Cassette

P.S./Comm (Power Supply, Communication Options) 1 – 12VDC (No Harness Supplied: 18-pin, HSV-300/BL600/700, or Smiley Harness Optional)
2 – Standard 120VAC Supply (Ships with 9-pin AC Harness)
3 – 120VAC Supply, High Level Enable (Ships with 9-pin AC Harness)
4 – MDB (Multi Drop Bus) – Ships with MDB harness
5 – True RS-232, 12VDC Operation (Must Purchase Cable/Board Harness P/N 05AA0009)
6 – IGT IDO22 (Ships with IGT IDO22 Harness, Must Use External Side Mount Box)
7 – Atronic with the GBT IVO Acceptor (Minor Cabinet Modifications, Ships with Harness)
8 – 12VDC Rear Exit Harness; Add $6.00 to Price of Acceptor on #1 Power Supply
9 – 24VAC or 24VDC MDB Power Supply
0 – Future Development

Country: ISO 3-Digit Country Code (Example – United States = USA)


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