• Save Time… Money… and your Sanity!

    “This is the last thing I need”

    If you’re anything like the business owners I work closely with that’s exactly how you feel when your change machine goes down.

    Your machine is the lifeblood of your business. Everyday it faithfully does its job.

    But when it goes down it can be a nightmare.

    It’s a hassle to get a repairman out (sometimes taking weeks) – if they come at all – or order a part from the manufacturer. Either way you’re stuck on the phone for an hour… and losing business!

  • No more headaches!

    Employees, inventory, payroll, taxes, marketing… the last thing you need is downtime.

    Changemaker decreases downtime. So when it comes to your change machine let us do the worrying.

    At Changemaker, we provide unparalleled service, from our knowledgeable sales staff to our factory-trained technicians. Keeping your business running is our #1 priority. You’ll get the service and attention that you deserve.

  • Pay less and get it faster with one phone call!

    Changemaker won’t redirect you to another number. You won’t speak to a computer… or have to press # to hear the menu. You’ll speak to a live technician – every time. And you’ll get the best price you’ll find anywhere (cheaper than you think!)

    We can help you faster, cheaper, and with more reliability than anyone else can.

    And we can do it all.

    We have a large selection of products from all major manufacturers, such as American Changer, Hamilton Manufacturing, Standard Change-Makers, Rowe International, Asahi Seiko, Cashcode, Coinco, Fujitsu, GBA (Astrosystems), Jcm, mei (Mars), and Money Control.