Hamilton XE & STA Bill Acceptor validation errors

New Five dollar Bill upgrade information


Is your machine paying out $20 for a $5?


If your Hamilton bill acceptor currently accepts the old $5 bill, it should immediately be upgraded to accept the new $5 bill to avoid overpaying. According to Hamilton Mfg, XE & STA Bill Acceptors may accept the new $5 bill without being upgraded, however, they may occasionally fail to differentiate between the new five dollar bill and the previously redesigned $10 or $20 bills due to similarities in appearance causing overpayment.

Prevent overpayment, order your upgrade or send in your validator for upgrade. We are a factory-trained, authorized Hamilton Service Center with a turn-around time of 2-3 days.

All validators will need to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the upgrade is successful. Now would be a good time to perform routine maintenance and cleaning procedures.