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The new standard for bill acceptors

PTI produces reliable, affordable bill acceptors to yield higher profits for your amusement, vending, kiosk, gaming, money changer, parking system, or other currency validator applications. Every Pyramid acceptor is built in the USA by Pyramid Technologies so that they can test each one to their demanding quality standards.

They claim to be the Currency Validation Experts, and when you try their bill validators you'll know why. The PTI Trilogy and Apex 5000 Currency Validators are an innovative combination of high quality and low cost. Firmware updates are fast, simple, and free of charge. Simply download new firmware from this website, and use your PC or Palm Handheld to Flash-program the latest updates into your acceptors. With some bill acceptors you must pay for an EPROM chip, wait for it to be shipped, and then take apart the acceptor to perform an update. Other acceptors require you to purchase expensive, bulky, programming devices. PTI makes it easy and free.

PTI's user-friendly bill acceptors feature all-plastic construction and smooth, sturdy mechanical operation. A wide range of configurations is available for your bill validation needs. The Apex 5000 and Trilogy acceptors are easy to set up and use, and extremely reliable. The high acceptance and high security comes from accurate, stable, self-calibrating sensor technology, backed by years of experience in currency-recognition.

Configuration is simple using a PC, Palm Pilot or configuration card copied from the Installation/Operation Manual. Accept bills in all four directions, or just one direction. Easily set your security levels, enable or disable bills, and select your interface type:

  • Always-Enabled Pulse
  • Standard Pulse
  • 600-Baud Serial
  • CCTalk
  • MDB
  • RS-232
  • Parallel
  • Parallel Binary
  • $1 and $5 Credit Lines
  • $1 through $20 Credit Lines
  • plus other interface types

The Trilogy is available with various front bezel widths, allowing it to accept virtually any currency around the world (up to 85mm).

In addition to U.S. Currency, the Apex 5000 can be configured to accept any bills up to 72mm wide, while maintaining a compact footprint that is compatible with almost all U.S. vending and amusement equipment. This makes it the perfect acceptor for most currencies around the world.

PTI quality goes beyond just the bill acceptors. They back up their bill acceptors with responsive support and service. They believe Pyramid has the best bill acceptors at any price, but they also understand the importance of customer service and strive to provide the best.

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