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AC2225 Bill Changer

AC2225 Bill Changer

AC2225 Bill Changer Rear Load with Dual Hopper

This rear load, dual validator, high capacity model designed for the Car Wash and Laundry industries boasts an impressive 11,200 coin capacity.

This model provides two complete changers built into one High-Security package.

It is offered with your choice of a "Change" or "Tokens" front on a heavy duty, Stainless Steel Face Plate that is designed to be a pull-away to minimize repair costs.

Product Features:

  • High Security
  • Dual Hopper
  • Dual Validator
  • Dual Hopper

  • 2 x Pyramid Validators accept:
  • $1, $5, $10, $20

  • Stacker capacity:
  • 1,700 bills

  • Can dispense one or two of the following:
  • Quarters, tokens or $1 coins

Hopper capacity:
Quarters/tokens (5,600/hopper or 11,200 total)
$1 coins (4,400/hopper or 8,800 total)

Token range:
Diameter: 3/4” to 1 1/8”
Thickness: .049” to .098”

19” W
29” H
14” D

130 lbs.

Stainless steel face plate:
23” W
33” H
32 lbs.

1 year on parts
2 years on validator

Change Machine Options:

The following upgrades are available for this machine. Please select your desired upgrade, and add to your cart:

AC1045.1 UPG MEI/CPI/CPI 700 Note Stacker
AC1045.2 UPG MEI/CPI 1000 Note Stacker
AC1061-HTR UPG1061-HTR Heater
AC1067.1-SUB UPG Super U Board
AC1090 UPG Contact Alarm
AC1095 UPG Medeco Lock & Key
AC2011.2-AC UPG2011.2-UPG Custom Cut Faceplate
AC2013-SS UPG Stainless Steel Cabinet
AC2066.4 UPG Coin Acceptor
AC2006.5 UPG High Security Coin Acceptor
AC5080-QSPINS UPG Drill Resistant T-Handles
AC7076 UPG Audit Printer
AC8001-FRA-KIT UPG Remote Access Kit
AC8001-NAYAX UPG NAYAX Credit Card System Upgrade
AC9003.7-500 UPG MEI/CPI Validator w/ 500 Note Stacker
AC9031-400 UPG CoinCo Vantage Validator w/ 400 Note Stacker
AC9031-700 UPG CoinCo Validator w/ 700 Note Stacker
AC9031-1000 UPG CoinCo Validator w/ 1000 Note Stacker
ACREC-UPG MEI/CPI Recycler Upgrade
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