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AC7805 Multi-Bill & Coin Changer Rear Load

AC7805 Multi-Bill & Coin Changer Rear Load

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AC7805 Multi-Bill & Coin Changer – Rear Load

This rear load Multi-Bill & Coin changer is designed to break larger bills into smaller bills of "two" denominations and coins (or tokens). It features a high security design, Pyramid validator, 2-750 note cartridge dispenser and a Hopper. It’s designed with a Stainless Steel Face Plate. This machine provides change to your customers while helping to reduce lost revenue and lower labor costs. This model is ideal for the Vending, Car Wash, Laundry and Amusement Industries.

The bill dispensers in this multi-changer are made by LG, one of the most reliable and reputable electronic companies of our time. The LG dispenser repays out "street grade" bills and does not require ATM quality bills.

Product Features:

  • Pyramid validator Accepts:
  • $1, $5, $10, $20

  • Stacker Capacity:
  • 500 Bills

  • Dual dispenser capacity:
  • 2 x 750 note (1,400 total)

  • LCD Dsiplay
  • High security design
  • Inset provided for multiple payouts

19.25” W
29” H
18.1” D

147 lbs.

Stainless steel face plate:
23.25” W
33” H
40 lbs.

1 year on parts
2 years on validator

Change Machine Options:

The following upgrades are available for this machine. Please select your desired upgrade, and add to your cart:

AC1045.1 UPG MEI/CPI/CPI 700 Note Stacker
AC1090 UPG Contact Alarm
AC1095 UPG Medeco Lock & Key
AC1096-90 UPG 1/4 Turn T-Handle
AC7810.1-AC UPG7810.1 Custom Cut Faceplate
AC9003.7-500 UPG MEI/CPI Validator w/ 500 Note Stacker
AC9003.4-500 UPG MEI/CPI Validator ($50, $100)
AC9031-400 UPG CoinCo Vantage Validator w/ 400 Note Stacker
AC9031-700 UPG CoinCo Validator w/ 700 Note Stacker
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