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CCD Card and Change Dispenser

CCD Card and Change Dispenser



Heavy Duty, Rear-Load Card and Changer CCD


It’s like having a full-time salesman.

The Hamilton Card and Change Dispenser (CCD) offers two machines in one cabinet. The CCD can be used as a normal change machine and to promote the use of your automatic bays, self serve bays, vacuums, and pet washes by selling your very own Customer Value Cards! Your customers can select between new Customer Value Card sales, checking balances, and recharging existing cards. Your customers can also print receipts at the CCD for their transactions in the self serve bays.

The Hamilton Card and Change Dispenser offers you the ability to promote your car wash over the competition by offering discounted cards to promote higher dollar purchases.The value of the card is programmed as the transaction is made. No pre-stored values on the card to invite theft or vandalism. It’s like having a salesman on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to promote your car wash.

Promote return business by offering deeper discounts for higher dollar Customer Value Card Purchases. Invite loyal customers to recharge their existing cards by offering discounts for recharging at the Card and Change Dispenser or via Hamilton’s Promotional Web Services. Save money and valuable wall space by purchasing your change machine and card dispenser in one cabinet. All credit card transactions are handled via a secure Internet connection in approximately 3 seconds.

High speed credit card transactions: 
Credit card transaction are done through the DAN system which allows 3 to 5 second transactions on a DSL or cable line.

Via the Internet you can:

Access the Card and Change Dispenser from anywhere in the world for up to the minute financial reports on both Customer Value Card Sales and change machine transactions. Change messages and card purchase values. Check the machine status for errors and diagnostics.




$1, $5, $10, $20 to Coins or Tokens




•Hamilton XE Validator (with Tokenote® acceptance)
•1000 Bill Stacker
▪Cabinet 11 Gauge Stainless Steel
▪Faceplate 7 Gauge Stainless Steel
•Weather Shield
•2 Heavy Duty Medeco® Plug Locks
•EGL Controller
•Backlit Instructional LCD Display
•Maximum Capacity, 4,800 Quarters    
•Power: 120 VAC, 60Hz
•Approximate Weight: 230 lbs/117.9 kg (approximate)




•Coinco®, Mars®, or CashCode® Validators
•Locking Stacker Cover (with XE validator only)
•Heater (with XE validator only)
•Locking Hopper Cover
•Audit Pro Hand Held Remote -
 required for inputting IP Structure
•Out Of Service Relay Kit


Cabinet Size:


34 ¾” H x 18 1/4:” W x 20 5/16” D

88.3 cm H x 46.4 cm W x 52.4 cm D




38 ¼” H x 21 5/8” W

97.2 cm H x 54.9 cm W



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