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Dollar Bill Reader Cleaning Card

Dollar Bill Reader Cleaning Card


 Notice how much dirt is removed from this validator, and it’s only been 2 weeks since its last cleaning!

Dollar Bill Cleaning Card

These presaturated, disposable cleaning cards are designed to safely and effectively remove all dirt, magnetic oxides and other contaminants from all types of concealed magnetic heads, photo and optic sensors on all types of reader mechanisms.

We’ve tried many cleaning cards in the past and this is by far the best!


This alcohol-free card effectively cleans the internal components of your bill acceptor without damaging its belts and rollers.


It is so effective that we use it to aid us in all of our repairs. You’ll be amazed at the amount of grime this card removes!



We are so sure that you’ll love this cleaning card as much as we do that we’re offering you a money-back guarantee.

This cleaning card comes with directions, but to ensure 100% performance, we recommend the following 4 steps:


  • (1) Open pouch and remove the Dollar Bill Reader Cleaning Card 
  • (2) Insert the cleaning card into your bill acceptor with the black strip entering first. The card will be accepted by the bill acceptor and then rejected. Repeat this process for a total of 3 times. This will effectively loosen any caked-on dirt. 
  • (3) Insert the card as you did in step 2, but this time once the card is half way in, hold onto the card for a second and then release. This will cause the belts and rollers to momentarily spin on top of the card to remove the loosened dirt. Repeat this process for a total of 3 times.
  • (4) Allow the cleaning card to dry, and insert the dry card into your bill acceptor 3 times to dry any moisture left by the cleaning process.

Note: If after completing step 3 the card is completely soiled, repeat the entire process with a new card.

We recommend performing this maintenance every 2 weeks, but this time frame may need to be changed depending on your machine’s usage.


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