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DRS Rear Load Changer

DRS Rear Load Changer

Heavy Duty, Rear-Load Changer


To maximize up-time car wash owners are installing two changers at their facilities to make it more convenient for their customers. Hamilton has created the model DRS rear-load changer that is two separate changers in one cabinet.

The DRS comes fully-equipped with two identical sets of components. For high volume locations, the DRS includes two high-capacity bulk load hoppers, which have a quarter capacity of $1,200 each.  That’s a total of $2,400 in ONE cabinet. The DRS features a stainless steel wraparound door for added security.

When used with the Data Access Network (DAN) you have the ability to remote into the changer and clear certain error codes and view audits. 




$1, $5, $10, $20 to Coins or Tokens



▪Hamilton XE Validator (with Tokenote® acceptance)
▪1000 Bill Stacker
▪Cabinet 11 Gauge Carbon Steel
▪Faceplate 7 Gauge Stainless
▪Weather Shield
•2 Heavy Duty Medeco® Plug Locks
•C-2000 Controller
•Maximum Capacity, 9,600 Quarters  
•Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
•Weight: 230 lbs/99.8 kg (approximate)




•Coinco®, Mars®, or CashCode® Validators
•Separating Stacker (with XE validator only)
•Locking Stacker Cover (with XE validator only)
•Heater (with XE only)
•DAN Controller Kit
•Token Face Panel
•Token Hopper
  (must indicate token size when ordering)
•Locking Hopper Cover
•Out Of Service Relay Kit
•Audit Pro 2000 Controller
•Audit Pro Hand Held Remote
•Portable Thermal Report Printer
 (Works With Audit Pro 2000 Controller)


Cabinet Size:

34-3/4" H x 18-3/16" W x 14-7/16" D

88.3 cm H x 46.4 cm W x 36.8 cm D




38-5/16" H x 21-5/8" W

97.3 cm H x 54.9 cm W 

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