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Hamilton XE Validator 46-4003

Hamilton XE Validator 46-4003



Hamilton XE Validator  

Currency and Tokenote® Acceptor


The Hamilton XE Validator, with its innovative technology, has become our most popular and successful validator yet. The XE utilizes optical sensors in addition to magnetic heads performing multiple checks of the bills validity. The result – a high acceptance rate on the first pass. Additional security features include a dual flipper mechanism and enhanced side scan system.


The XE Validator accepts $1, $5, $10, $20 as well as the exclusive Hamilton Tokenote® and offers a two-way read on all bills. Bill denomination acceptance can be easily selected with just the flip of a switch.


Updating the XE Validator is as simple as an EPROM change allowing new currency releases to be handled with ease. Hamilton’s versatile design allows the XE to be a direct replacement for most HV series validators.


Design • Modular Design
Motor • Stepper Motor
Drive System • Belt Drive System
Currency Recognition • See-Through Optics for Currency Recognition, Magnetic Heads
Security • See-Through Optics, Improved Magnetic Head Technology, Dual Flipper / Gate System, Improved Side Scan System
Calibration • Software
New Money Acceptance • EPROM Update

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